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Fly Society can fly you anywhere in the world.

Short range

The short range private jets have a capacity of 6 to 8 passengers and are the perfect flexible and cost-effective alternative for short trips of up to 3 hours.

Medium range

The medium range private jets provide a very comfortable flight experience to 6 to 8 passengers on a non-stop flight of around 4 hours.

Long range

The long range private jets are ideal for long flights and have a passenger capacity of up to 14 seats. These aircrafts can perform a non-stop flight of around 8000 km.

Ultra-long range

The ultra-long range private jets are designed for long intercontinental non-stop flights. Usually seating between 12 to 14 passengers, these aircrafts can offer adaptable cabins with separate compartments to work, dine or just relax during your flight.